2012 NFL Preseason: Former Razorbacks Fighting for Roster Spots


Every NFL preseason game serves as an audition for a spot among a given team’s final 53-man roster. The weekly evaluations hold no biases. Every player on a given squad from former first round draft picks to veterans and rookie free agents are fighting for the opportunity to make their team’s last cut.

The 2012-2013 NFL season has already seen marquee NFL names cut from struggling franchises. Chad Johnson, also known as Ochocinco, was the first big name to be cut during the preseason. His immediate release from the Miami Dolphins after being arrested for domestic violence was widely covered on HBO’s Hard Knocks bringing an ironic end to the wide receiver’s me-first spotlight generated career.

Other big name NFL players are on the proverbial chopping block including Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Terrell Owens, Buffalo Bills backup quarterback Vince Young (2006 first round draft pick Tennessee Titans), Denver Broncos 2009 first round draft pick running back Knowshon Moreno, and Cincinnati Bengals once troubled cornerback Adam “Pac-Man” Jones.

While the marquee names get the lion’s share of attention several hard working rookie free agents come and go after stellar college careers without much fanfare. The following list compiles former Arkansas Razorbacks progress through the 2012 NFL preseason.


Adams, Joe, WR, Carolina Panthers, 3rd String

Ambrose, Damario, LB, New York Jets, 4th String

Anderson, Jamaal, DE, Cincinnati Bengals, 2nd String

Bequette, Jake, DE, New England Patriots, 3rd String

Birmingham, DeCori, RB, Carolina Panthers, Cut

Childs, Greg, WR, Minnesota Vikings, Injured

Cook, Grant, OG, Minnesota Vikings, Cut

Curtis, De’Anthony, RB, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 5th String

Dominguez, Ray, OG, Green Bay Packers, 2nd String

Franklin, Jerry, SLB Denver Broncos, 3rd String

Garner, Nate, RG, Miami Dolphins, 2nd String

Gatson, Gregory, LCB, San Diego Chargers, 3rd String

Goode, Brett, LS, Green Bay Packers, Starter

Harrison, Marcus, DT, New England Patriots, 3rd String

Hillis, Peyton, RB, Kansas City Chiefs, 2nd String

Houston, Chris, CB, Detroit Lions, Starter

Jones, Felix, RB, Dallas Cowboys, 2nd String

Love, DeMarcus, OT, Minnesota Vikings, 2nd String

Love, Jamar, DB, Tennessee Titans, Cut

Madison, Isaac, DB, Detroit Lions, 5th String

Mallett, Ryan, QB, New England Patriots, 3rd String

McFadden, Darren, RB, Oakland Raiders, Starter

Nelson, Jerico, SAF, New Orleans Saints, 4th String

Peters, Jason, OT, Philadelphia Eagles, Injured

Petrus, Mitch, RG, New York Giants, 2nd String

Sheppard, Malcolm, LDE, Tennessee Titans, 4th String

Thomas, Tramain, SAF, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 4th String

Ugoh, Tony, OG, Kansas City Chiefs, Cut

Valdez, Jose, RT, St. Louis Rams, 3rd String

Williams, Bobbie, LG, Baltimore Ravens, Starter

Williams, D.J., TE, Green Bay Packers, 3rd String

Wilson, George, SAF, Buffalo Bills, Starter

Wright, Jarius, WR, Minnesota Vikings, 3rd String

News and Notes of Interest

At the start of the 2012 NFL preseason 33 former Arkansas Razorback players were on NFL rosters.

Five Razorbacks are starters for their respective teams with a sixth, Jason Peters, whom would be a starter if he were not on the physically unable to perform list.

Being cut or released by a NFL team does not mean the end of a player’s career. St. Louis Rams wide receiver Danny Amendola was featured on HBO’s Hard Knocks with the Dallas Cowboys beginning the 2008 season. Amendola, then a rookie free agent from Texas Tech, was cut by owner Jerry Jones but has gone on to be a starter for the Rams.

Amendola was also released from the Philadelphia Eagles in 2009 before landing safely with the Rams.