Vin Ascolese Inspires Razorback Nation


Vin Ascolese, an incoming freshman recruit for the Hogs from North Bergen, New Jersey, wrote an inspiring sonnet, or attempted to write a sonnet, about what it means to be an Arkansas Razorback.

The Parade All-American linebacker posted his ode and declaration to all future Razorback opponents and to the rest of the world for that matter on Twitter Wednesday which was picked up by

We here at could not help but clean up a couple of spots within the piece (sorry Vin) but the thought, emotion, and dedication from Vin rings true throughout.

The Razorback

The player who won’t ever think of giving up

The player who will give his heart to his team

The player that will do anything for his team to win

The player who believes no obstacle is too big

The player who will work when no one else wants to

The player who will fight to the death for his team

The player who will scratch till his fingers bleed for that extra inch

Cause you see, a Razorback is a player who is ruthless, a player who

Won’t think twice about ending the competition’s life on that field

A Razorback is someone who has balls of steel and will run

Through a brick wall for his coaches and teammates.

It takes a special person to be a Razorback, not just anyone can be one

A Razorback is a warrior, a believer, a savage, a go getter

And a WINNER, When a Razorback sets his or her mind to something

You better watch out, because we will achieve it and get it done.

This here ladies and gentlemen separates The Razorback from the

Rest of the world, Together we cannot and won’t be stopped.


By Vin Ascolese

Mr. Acolese is already a fan favorite of Razorback Nation on Twitter for his candid tweets and comments. We can’t wait to see this recruit suit up in a Razorback uniform and chase down SEC running backs for three or four years.

Good luck Vin. We will be pulling for you.