MLB Draft: Arkansas Players Drafted in 2011


The Arkansas Razorbacks were picked clean of top talent once the 2011 Major League Baseball Draft was completed. Four players with ties to the Hogs’ baseball team were selected in the first two rounds of action- Brandon Nimmo, Michael Fulmer, Dillion Howard, and James McCann.

Time will tell how many signees and current players will opt out of college baseball with the Razorbacks to begin their professional career in 2013.

The following is a complete list of where each Arkansas Razorback recruit, players, and those with state ties were drafted.

Pick/Position/Player/Affiliation/Professional Team/Round Picked

#13 OF  Brandon Nimmo, Arkansas Signee, NY Mets, R1

#44 P    MichaelFulmer, Arkansas Signee, NY Mets. R1

#67 P    Dillion Howard, Arkansas Signee (SearcyHigh School), Indians, R2

#76 C    James McCann, University of Arkansas, Detroit Tigers, R2

#179 1B  Greg Bird, Arkansas Signee, NY Yankees, R5

# 327 CF Kentrel Hill, Arkansas Baptist, SF Giants, R10

#385 SS   Joe Serrano, Arkansas Signee, Cincinnati Reds, R12

#505 OF  Connor Costello, Arkansas Signee, Cincinnati Reds R16

#531 OF  Collin Kuhn, University of Arkansas, Detroit Tigers R17

# 546 P    Andy Ferguson, Arkansas State, Kansas City Royals, R18

#575 P     Dustin Ward, UCA, Baltimore Orioles, R19

#628 IF    Brian Anderson, Arkansas Signee, Minnesota Twins, R20

#667 P     Travis Henke, UALR, Washington Nationals, R22

#707 P     Trent Daniel, University of Arkansas, Detroit Tigers, R23

#720 CF   Matt Johnson, Arkansas Tech, Tampa Bay Rays, R23

#815 P     Chris Oliver, Arkansas Signee (ShilohChristian) B. Orioles, R27

#861 OF   Kyle Robinson, University of Arkansas, Chicago White Sox, R28

#917 P      Greg Milhorn, Arkansas Signee (Arkansas High School), Tigers, R30

#940 OF   Jarrod McKinney, University of Arkansas, Houston Astros, R31

#1020 P    Daniel Bream, Southern Arkansas University, Rays, R33

#1170 C    Brandon Choate, Southern Arkansas University, Rays, R42

#1275 3B  Jason Nappi, Harding University, Anaheim Angels, R43

#1298 P   Geoffrey Davenport, University of Arkansas, Cleveland Indians, R43

#1337 RF  Chretien Matz, Univ. of Arkansas Pine Bluff, Detroit Tigers, R44