NCAA Baseball: SEC Pitching Rotations Week Ten


Oh how the mighty have fallen… at least among the top pitchers in the SEC for one week.

Mississippi State right handed pitcher Chris Stratton (9-1) has his first loss of the season thanks to Florida. The sad truth is Stratton pitched well but took the loss despite his efforts. The Bulldogs did not provide enough run support for their ace in Friday’s 2-1 loss to the Gators.

Stratton’s ERA went from 2.19 to 2.22 after the defeat.

Another SEC heavyweight took a loss on Friday when Georgia’s Alex Wood loss 3-0 to South Carolina. Michael Roth improved to 5-0 with the run support while lowering his ERA from 2.82 to 2.60.

Kevin Gausman pitched a complete game gem for LSU on Friday striking out 11 and only giving up five singles. Gausman and LSU have a tough matchup this weekend against No. 3 South Carolina and Roth.

Corey Littrell continued his Sunday success improving to 8-0 for Kentucky. The Wildcats ace Taylor Rogers also notched a win against Alabama dropping his ERA .21 points to 4.60.

Ryne Stanek (6-3, 2.99 ERA) did not pitch last week after straining his back against South Carolina. The Hogs missed his arm against Auburn. Good news for Arkansas fans, Stanek will return to the mound on Saturday to face Tennessee.

SEC News and Notes

Hogs skipper Dave Van Horn will miss Thursday’s game to attend his eldest daughter’s graduation.

Not only did top pitchers have a rough week in the SEC but so did the hitters. LSU’s Ralph Rhymes saw his average drop from .503 to .476. Rhymes has amassed 88 hits in 185 at bats.

Ole Miss second baseman Alex Yarbrough went into a mini slump last week as well. He entered the weekend hitting .417 and is now hitting .405.

Florida catcher Mike Zunino continues to impress at the plate. Zunino leads the SEC in homeruns (14), sacrifice flies (7), doubles (22), and total bases (127). He is second in conference with 49 RBI, five behind Ole Miss’ slugger Matt Snyder.

Tough pitching always slows good hitting… too much so for Auburn’s Ben Moore. Moore entered the weekend hitting .359, he left Arkansas hitting .339.

SEC Pitching Matchup of the Week

LSU, Sophomore, RHP, Kevin Gausman (8-1, 2.95 ERA) vs. USC, Senior, LHP, Michael Roth (5-0, 2.60 ERA)

Florida (38-15, 16-11) at Auburn (29-24, 12-15)


Florida, Junior, RHP, Hudson Randall (6-1, 3.29 ERA)

Auburn, Senior, RHP, Jon Luke Jacobs (5-2, 3.10 ERA)


Florida, Junior, LHP, Brian Johnson (5-4, 4.29 ERA)

Auburn, Freshman, LHP, Daniel Koger (3-4, 2.76 ERA)


Florida, Sophomore, RHP, Karsten Whitson (3-0, 3.33 ERA)

Auburn, TBA


Georgia (30-22, 13-13) at Alabama (19-33, 7-20)


Georgia, Sophomore, LHP, Alex Wood (6-2, 2.68 ERA)

Alabama, Freshman, RHP, Spencer Turnbull (2-5, 5.04 ERA)


Georgia, Senior, RHP, Michael Palazzone (2-5, 5.93 ERA)

Alabama, Freshman, LHP, Jon Keller (1-5, 4.18 ERA)


Georgia, Freshman, RHP, Luke Crumley (3-2, 4.05 ERA)

Alabama, Junior, RHP, Charley Sullivan (2-3, 4.98 ERA)

LSU (40-13, 17-10) at South Carolina (38-13, 17-9)


LSU, Sophomore, RHP, Kevin Gausman (8-1, 2.95 ERA)

USC, Senior, LHP, Michael Roth (5-0, 2.60 ERA)


LSU, Freshman, RHP, Aaron Nola (6-3, 3.86 ERA)

USC, Sophomore, RHP, Forrest Koumans (2-2, 5.40 ERA)


LSU, Sophomore, RHP, Ryan Eades (5-2, 3.75 ERA)


Ole Miss (34-19, 14-13) at Vanderbilt (24-24, 13-14)


Ole Miss, Sophomore, RHP, Bobby Wahl (6-1, 2.18 ERA)

Vandy, Sophomore, RHP, T.J. Pecoraro (0-4, 4.12 ERA)


Ole Miss, Sophomore, RHP, Mike Mayers (4-2, 4.04 ERA)

Vandy, Junior, LHP, Sam Selman (8-3, 4.03 ERA)


Ole Miss, TBA

Vandy, Sophomore, LHP, Kevin Ziomek (3-6, 5.02 ERA)

Kentucky (41-12, 18-9) at Mississippi State (30-18, 13-14)


Kentucky, Junior, LHP, Taylor Rodgers (5-3, 4.81 ERA)

MSU, Junior, RHP, Chris Stratton (9-0, 2.19)


Kentucky, Junior, LHP, Jerad Grundy (4-2, 4.08 ERA)

MSU, Junior, RHP, Kendall Graveman (3-3, 2.97 ERA)


Kentucky, Sophomore, LHP, Corey Littrell (6-0, 2.30 ERA)


Arkansas (36-17, 13-14) at Tennessee (24-28, 8-19)


Arkansas, Junior, RHP, D.J. Baxendale (6-3, 3.48 ERA)

Tennessee, Sophomore, LHP, Dalton Saberhagen (5-1, 2.92 ERA)


Arkansas, Sophomore, RHP, Ryne Stanek (6-3, 2.99 ERA)

Tennessee, Sophomore, RHP, Nick Williams (3-4, 3.67 ERA)


Arkansas, TBA

Tennessee, Junior, RHP, Zack Godley (4-2, 3.50 ERA)

Baseball America Rankings

No. 2 South Carolina

No. 3 Florida

No. 4 Kentucky

No. 9 LSU

No. 25 Mississippi

Dropped Out: No. 20 Arkansas and No. 25 Mississippi State

Collegiate Baseball Rankings

No. 2 Kentucky

No. 3 South Carolina

No. 4 LSU

No. 5 Florida

No. 17 Arkansas

No. 30 Mississippi

Dropped Out: No. 30 Mississippi State

SEC East (Overall Record, SEC Record)

Kentucky41-12, 18-9

South Carolina 38-13, 17-9

Florida 38-15, 16-11

Georgia 30-22, 13-13

Vanderbilt 24-24, 13-14

Tennessee 24-28, 8-19

SEC West (Overall Record, SEC Record)

LSU 40-13, 17-10

Ole Miss 34-19, 14-13

Mississippi State 30-18, 13-14

Arkansas 36-17, 13-14

Auburn 29-24, 12-15

Alabama 19-33, 7-20

* Standings and records through May 16

Top Eight Batting Averages in the SEC

Ralph Ryhmes, LSU, .476,

Alex Yarbrough, Ole Miss, .405

Ryan Tella, Auburn, .387, .376

Anthony Gomez, Vanderbilt, .357

Adam Frazier, Ole Miss, .357

Cullen Wacker, Auburn, .355

Matt Reynolds, Arkansas, .350

Curt Powell, Georgia, .346

Top Team Batting Averages in the SEC

Auburn .317

Ole Miss .303


LSU .296

Georgia .280

Arkansas .279

Florida .278

South Carolina .275

Top Team ERA in the SEC

Arkansas 3.13

Mississippi State 2.70

Florida 3.00

South Carolina 3.18

LSU 3.30

Ole Miss 3.50

Individual Wins in the SEC

Chris Stratton, MSU, 9

Kevin Gausman, LSU, 8

Sam Selman, VU, 8

Corey Littrell, UK, 8

D.J. Baxendale, Arkansas, 6

Ryne Stanek, Arkansas, 6

Colby Holmes, USC, 6

7 other pitchers tied with 6 wins each

* SEC stats through May 16