University of Arkansas Watched 52 Student-Athletes Graduate on Saturday


Fayetteville, Ark.- The offer of an athletic scholarship to a prestigious college institution is a dream for many. The ability to see that dream through to completion by earning a college degree, while playing at the highest level of competition at the amateur level, is inspirational.

On Saturday 52 University of Arkansas student-athletes earned their college degrees. Of the 19 Division I sports the Razorbacks award athletic scholarships for, 17 individual Arkansas athletic teams saw at least one member of their squad complete their collegiate journey.

Of the 52 college graduates to receive their diploma, 11 members of the Arkansas Razorback football team took home an award not earned on the field of play.

Seth Armbrust

Lavunce Askew

De’Anthony Curtis

Alfred Davis

Elton Ford

Grant Freeman

Chris Gragg

Blake Gunderson

Bret Harris

Isaac Madison

Tyler Wilson

(10) Men’s Track and Field:

Nii Ayi

Thomas Cattin Masson

Michael Chinchar

Scott Gillespie

Aaron Hamilton

Justin Holmes

Andrew Pennington

Duncan Phillips

Terry Prentice

Benjamin Skidmore

(5) Women’s Swimming and Diving:

Liana Bugslag

Alexandra House

Sarah Howard

Lisa Lunkenheimer

Jillienne Schilling

(5) Women’s Soccer:

Kailey Anders

Lauren Hallauer

Brittany Hudson

Daniella O’Shea

Kendal Winston

(5) Women’s Basketball Team:

Erin Gatling

Lyndsay Harris

Kelsey Hatcher

Julie Inman

Jamesha Townsend

(4) Women’s Track and Field Team:

Whitney Jones

Lauren Kegley

Jillian Rosen

Keri Wood

(3) Women’s Gymnastics Team:

Mariah Howdershell

Jamie Pisani

Genevieve Salvatore

(2) Men’s Tennis Team:

Taj Harrison

Matt Walters

(2) Men’s Basketball:

Marcus Britt

Marvell Waithe

(2) Women’s Volleyball:

Kelli Stipanovich

Amanda Anderson

(1) Women’s Tennis:

Stephanie Roy

(1) Men’s Golf:

Tobias Pettersson

(1) Women’s Softball:

Tori Mort

Congratulations to all of the women and men student-athletes that completed their collegiate journey on Saturday.

Razorback Nation is appreciative of all your past and future contributions to the University of Arkansas in the classroom and during competition as a member of the SEC.