New Arkansas Razorback Football Jerseys?


Rumors during the 2012 college football recruiting campaign circulated that the Arkansas Razorbacks would be included among the many Division I programs updating their current threads for on the field play for the 2013 season.

Speculation leading up to the first Wednesday in February 2012 about the possible jerseys for the Hogs hit the internet along with discussions at the water cooler but no pictures, descriptions, or official word ever came out of the University of Arkansas athletic department… until now?

The following picture is an unconfirmed picture of three possible jerseys along with one new helmet that the Hogs may don during the 2013 college football season. Please keep in mind that the picture is not an official release from the school, football program, or administration.

Perhaps the Arkansas program feels the pressure to keep up with the positive feedback recruits give teams like the Oregon Ducks for their seemingly endless treasure trove of stylistic unis; depending on one’s perspective. In an effort to keep with the times different tactics are needed to be made. The younger generation certainly responds to updated uniforms.

How will the 2013 recruits respond to Arkansas’ new take on something old?

The gray uniforms are truly something different for Razorback Nation. If the picture is an accurate account of what one can expect, the reaction of Razorback football purist will be interesting.

Razorback Nation what do you think of the possible new uniforms?