Arkansas Razorback Football: 2012 Team Speed and Strength Testing Results


The Arkansas Razorback spring football practices began on Wednesday but before the team started on the field training they were put to the test on speed and strength drills. There were some great surprises on the recently released list.

All Hog fans have been waiting on the recovery and return of Knile Davis to full-time action due to a broken ankle suffered in August. Mr. Davis’ forty-yard dash time tells college football fans all they need to know… he is back and healthy. Knile ran a 4.33 forty to lead all Razorbacks.

Davis was 30 pounds shy on his 570 pound squat of joining the 400 pound bench and 600 pound squat club. On average Davis has to be considered the strongest current Razorback player on the team.

The 40-times of Maudrecus Humphrey (4.34) and Marquel Wade have to excite Razorback Nation as well. Humphrey and Wade will be counted on to fill the spots of departed receivers Joe Adams, Jarius Wright, and Greg Childs.

The best surprise on the list of forty times has to be defensive end Chris Smith. Listed at 6’4” 251 pounds, Smith ran a 4.40. SEC quarterbacks beware.

The biggest surprise of top forty times was posted by senior kicker Bryan Cameron. Cameron ran a 4.40. At a 5’10”, 176 pounds, perhaps Cameron could earn time on kickoffs as a gunner?

When Petrino rolls out his new look two tight end set and two running back sets in favor of his usual five wide receiver sets this fall he will be placing two other running backs with 4.40 times or better on the field other than Davis- Ronnie Wingo, Jr., (4.38) and Dennis Johnson (4.41).

Keiro Small (5’10”, 255 pounds) may have cemented his place in Razorback folk lore as a premiere SEC full-back with his bench press of 405 pounds and his squat of 500 pounds. Small has never had trouble clearing a path for Arkansas tailbacks and now fans know why.

Junior college mid-term transfer defensive end Austin Flynn posted a top 10 spot on squats lifting 510 pounds.

Flynn is expected to contribute immediately to the Razorback defense in place of departed first team All-SEC defensive end Jake Bequette. Flynn appears to be physically ready for spring practice, a concern for some Division-1 coaches on junior college players making the transition to the next level.

The only negative to the list is the lack of secondary position players listed on the top forty-yard dash times. Cornerback Darius Winston ran a blistering 4.36 while safety Eric Bennett topped out at 4.41. Perhaps by the time fall practices roll around redshirt freshman Rohan Gaines, Tevin Mitchell, Dayvon McKinney, and Kelvin Fisher, Jr., will be among the top 10 fastest players on the Razorback team.

A listing of the top 10 results in 40-yard dash, bench press, and squat:

40-Yard Dash
1. Knile Davis, RB 4.33
2. Maudrecus Humphrey, WR 4.34
3. Marquel Wade, WR 4.35
4. Darius Winston, CB 4.36
5. Cobi Hamilton, WR 4.37
6. Ronnie Wingo Jr., RB 4.38
7. Chris Smith, DE 4.40
Cameron Bryan, K 4.40
9. Dennis Johnson, RB 4.41
Eric Bennett, S 4.41

Bench Press
1. Alfred Davis, DT 460
2. Lavunce Askew, DT 445
3. Alvin Bailey, OG 440
4. Byran Jones, DT 420
5. Knile Davis, RB 415
6. Tyler Deacon, OG 410
7. Kiero Small, FB 405
Chris Stringer, OT 405
Brad Shearin, FB 405
10. Trey Flowers, DE 400

1. Byran Jones, DT 600
Robert Thomas, DT 600
3. Knile Davis, RB 570
4. Dennis Johnson, RB 560
5. Alvin Bailey, OG 555
6. DeMarcus Hodge, DT 550
7. Austin Flynn, DE 510
Jerry Mitchell, S 510
9. Kiero Small, FB 500
Chris Smith, DE 500