Football Cops


Peyton and Eli Manning are at it again

Direct TV has released their commercial for the 2011-2012 NFL Football Package. The comedic trailer features the Mannings, Papa Archie as well, as ‘70’s looking retro police officers wielding justice in “Football Cops”. The spoof is complete with a handlebar and Tom Selleck like mustache from hard throwing former pro quarterbacks CJ Hunter (Eli) and Mike Tahoe (Peyton). Archie makes a cameo as the police commissioner trying to control his wild card cops.

The possible Ray Lewis inspired trailer is a must see. The football puns are great; the plot of the trailer is lost but that’s not the spirit of the spot. Peyton continues to show his media savvy and knack for finding the comedy in all of his commercials.

Let’s hope all their efforts are for not and there is a pro football season.

They even have a back story for the street tough heroes. You can read more at