The BCS Doesn’t Love Us


New Year’s Day isn’t what it used to be

Forget not being able to party like you used to on New Year’s Eve, there’s something far more important happening! One of the holiest days in college football has been forsaken… again! College football fans anticipating another exciting New Year’s Day full of football will be horribly disappointed come January 1, 2012. There are no bowl games scheduled for New Year’s Day. None.

January 1, 2012, is on a Sunday and the Bowl Championship Series will not play bowl games on the Sabbath. The last time this happened was New Year’s Day 2006. Why this is happening again is still confusing. Regardless of one’s stance on religion, why can’t the BCS have two bowl games played in the afternoon and/or early evening on Sunday January 1st? Is the BCS afraid that church goers on the west coast won’t hit the early morning services so they can be home in time to watch college football in the afternoon?

Growing up in the south you learn that God loves football. God is everywhere when it comes to football. Football players thank God during their post game interviews, football fans pray to God for the demise of their opposing team every Saturday and Sunday, and we pray not only for our teams victory but also that none of our star players are injured. We even pray during commercial breaks, before a field goal, and after a second down sack that has left us in a third and long situation deep in the fourth quarter of the game. God understands. Since God understands it has to be okay to have bowl games on a Sunday, right? We have pro football on Sundays, why not a bowl game? Wait… I get it.

The NFL is bigger than God and the BCS combined!

The real reason must be the NFL. The BCS does not want to butt heads with their big arrogant brother. A NFL regular season game wins again. I guess there’s not enough advertising dollars to go around for everyone to win. Or there’s not enough mediocre on-air talent to call all of the college bowl games and NFL games. Perhaps a little of both.

What will the NFL do with Monday Night Football; the BCS has to start at some point?

The Rose Bowl is slated to start the BCS schedule on Monday January 2nd. The Sugar Bowl is yet to be decided but could fall on the 2nd or the 3rd. The BCS could drag bowl games through Thursday January 5th with the Fiesta Bowl being the last BSC Bowl game before the BCS Championship Game on Monday January 9th in New Orleans. Yes, our college football champion will not be decided until January 9th. That’s withholding a Cam Newton or Reggie Bush revelation after the fact thus we will not know who won or didn’t win anything for up to six years later. I remember when college football seemingly cared about their fans.

Just to Clarify

College football fans should be more than a little upset regarding how the BCS has scheduled OUR college football games. If your beloved alma mater is playing in the Orange Bowl on Wednesday January 4th, chances are you will have to take vacation leave from work to attend the game thus causing you to miss at least 2-3 days of work. If the BCS scheduled the Orange Bowl over the holiday weekend you may not have to miss any days of work to attend the game.

If you live on the west coast you may have to miss time at work just to watch the Orange Bowl on TV. If the start of the bowl game is delayed for west coast viewers with a start time at 9:00 p.m. EST most east coast fans will not know the outcome of the bowl game until the next day; people have to work. Is anyone else frustrated by the BCS?

Another problem with the BCS schedule is for the college football fan that wants to watch each game. The BCS is asking you to set aside a week of your life to watch each and every bowl game. Instead of having 2 or 3 games on over the holiday weekend where everyone can watch all of the games in one day, they want an entire week of your life and the following Monday for the championship game. You’ve devoted every other Saturday of your life since September now they want more! Why? It’s all for money.

HogManInLA is giving you a pass to party like a rock star on New Year’s Eve. With no major bowl games on New Year’s Day all you will be missing by sleeping in will be a meaningless regular season NFL game. A game that the network chooses for you to watch based on where you live not on the importance of the game… if the NFL even has a season.

I complain but I am part of the problem. I will end up watching all of the games each night as they are aired and the BCS will keep stringing me/us along so they can profit off of our viewership. What can we do? Not watch? Who wants to be the one left out of the bowl game conversation the next day? Who wants to be this clown at the water cooler, “Don’t tell me what happened in the game. I DVRed the game and I plan on watching it this weekend. I haven’t turned on the TV or radio so I don’t find out what happened.” Or who wants to be the clown that yells at all their friends the next day for texting the final outcome of the game? I hate the BCS. Anyone want to get matching tattoos with me?