Surfers beware of shark’s favorite tunes!


A cage diving operator in southern Australia has found that great white sharks like to rock out to AC/DC; this is a true story, not a joke. Matt Waller began playing music through underwater speakers to see if they could attract sharks based off the frequency of the music, as opposed to chum being thrown in the water to attract sharks. He found that great whites did respond to the high-decibel, low-frequency music of Australia’s classic rock band, AC/DC. The true irony of the story, according to Waller, is the sharks favorite songs seem to be “If You Want Blood” and “You Shook Me All Night Long”.

Waller said he got the idea to play music through underwater speakers after learning that Pacific Islanders used to rub coconuts together underwater to attract sharks (No word as to what type of swallow helped carry the coconuts to the islanders). He said the experience leads to a less aggressive shark showing up while a more violent and aggressive shark is signaled through chummed waters.

Here’s a fun list of songs that are too good to pass up for sharks and ocean goers:

Bad reputation, Freddie Johnson

Ain’t Nobody (does it better), Chaka Khan

Wanted dead or alive, Bon Jovi

Baby got back, Sir Mix A Lot

Another one bites the dust, Queen

Hello it’s me, Todd Rungren

Gentle on my mind, Glenn Campbell

Dirty water, The Standells

Good vibrations, Beach Boys

Up in here, Ludicris

Turn you inside out, REM

Dance with me, Justin Timberlake

Brain stew, Green Day

Pour some sugar on me, Def Leppard

Give me a reason to stay here, Tracy Chapman

Should I stay or should I go, The Clash

It had to be you, Harry Connick Jr.

Hello, Lionel Richie

One on one, Hall and Oates

Rub you the right way, Johnny Gill

Time has come today, Chamber Brothers

Get back, Ludicris

Fast as you, Dwight Yoakam

Alive and kicking, Simple Minds

If I die young, The Band Perry

Waiting for a girl like you, Foreigner

I’m alive, Kenny Chesney with Dave Matthews

Everybody wants you, Billy Squirer

Escape (the pina colda song), Rupert Holmes

U got the look, Prince

What I like about you, The Romantics

I ain’t got you, Jimmy Reed

Californiagirls, Beach Boys

Drop dead legs, Van Halen

Tenderness, General Public

You make my dreams, Hall and Oates

Stop dragging my heart around, Stevie Nicks and Tom Petty

Somebody’s cryin, Chris Issack

Pound cake, Van Halen

Mama said knock you out, LL Cool J

Lose control, Missy Elliot

Bad to the bone, George Therogood

Let’s go crazy, Prince

I gotcha, Joe Tex

Maneater, Hall and Oates